Just as God has touched our lives with His love and drawn us closer to Him, we recognize that that there are people in our surrounding community who do not know about His love, grace and mercy. At Advance we can’t help but want to share this love with others around us.

Some of the ways we do this is through our  prison ministry, and visits to a retirement home. We encourage our members to also reach out in their schools, work sites and other parts of the community where they live out their everyday lives.



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If you’re interested in joining a team to minister to some of the inmates at Manawatu Prison, let us know and we’ll have a chat to assess your suitablity.
While prison ministry is not for everyone, there are some great opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and to provide a listening ear for those who need it.



An often forgotten segment of our society is the elderly. We have the opportunity to care and share with a group of elderly people at a retirement home in Feilding. If you’d like to join us on our visits please contact Vic after the service and he can organize for you to join us on our next outing